Mirror Framing

Framed mirrors can bring a room together and give it a touch that completes the space.

Mirrors are great for making a room look bigger. So, why spend time trying to find a mirror that’s close enough when Fantastic Framing's Mobile Service can bring you a mirror custom built to suit your room.

Not only can Fantastic Framing frame your mirror to fit your needs, we can design the mirror too. Our friendly mobile framers will come to you and take measurements to determine what size mirror would be best, then help you choose the right frame for your room.

Colours can appear different depending on lighting conditions and surroundings when you view them. Having the frame options available, in the right surroundings, under the same lighting means the choices you make are exactly as they appear.

If a framed mirror isn’t what you are looking for we can also supply plain frameless or beveled mirrors in your size and with your specifications.

Why risk making the wrong choice or damaging your new mirror in transport? Our expert mobile framers deliver the finished goods directly to you, removing all the risk and hassle.


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