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Our high-quality and discount framing of artwork and other important personal items such as photos, certificates and awards will not only enhance the item, but also protect against damage and deterioration.

The chance of an item becoming wrinkled, bent or spoiled is significantly reduced when the item has been professionally framed and mounted. Not only this, but our custom framing makes your items much easier and more attractive to display. It’s easy to keep all of your memorabilia, documents and valuable items in pristine condition with our services.

We have carried out discount high-quality and fully custom framing for a wide range of clients, who have trusted us to preserve and display their sports jerseys, academic certificates, embroidered pieces, historic documents and whatever else they want to protect from general wear and tear.

No matter whether we’re preserving artworks for professional display in a gallery – or simply providing our services to help you display your treasured items in your home – you will receive the same high-quality service.

Our process of framing canvas is to firstly stretch it on a wood bar and then put in into a frame. The material that we use for the stretch bar is pinewood, which is the highest quality material for a canvas. We are proud to offer some of the highest-quality picture framing supplies you’ll find anywhere in Auckland.

We have a wide variety of custom photo and picture frames that you can choose from. Please see pictures in our catalogue or our Facebook page.

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